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Fuller's ales served at the Flowing Spring
We have our very own loyalty card called the Grubcard which rewards  customers for dining with us! Every time you have a meal you can accrue Grubs (points) which you can then redeem for free meals for you and your guests! Hooray!


Each time you buy a meal, whether just for yourself or for a table of friends or family, we will convert each pound spent on food into Grubcard points (Grubs). As you accrue your Grubs you will be able to redeem them for free meals and discounts on tickets. Signing up to a Grubcard is free.

The table on the right shows our standard rewards. You can save up your Grubs to claim a single reward from the list, or collect enough to combine two or more offers in one go! You choose.

On top of our standard rewards, we occasionally offer special deals. Current and forthcoming Special Offers will be shown on the right.

The Grubcard is a credit card size plastic card with a chip, unique to each card holder. The value of food purchased in one sitting is entered into our special Grubcard terminal where the details are stored (we won't share your data with anyone else, ever!). 

Of course there has to be rules over how the Grubcard can be used. So here they are...
1 One Grubcard only can be issued per person who wll be required to complete a registration form from which we will collate secure Grubcard data for our own use only.
2 Grubs (points) can only be earned based on the value of food the holder pays for per sitting. For instance, if the holder is part of a table of four and just pays for his/her own meal, he/she cannot claim the value of the whole table's meals. However, if the holder pays for the entire table's food, Grubs are recorded for the whole food value accordingly.
3 Points are credited to the holder's account at the rate of one Grub per whole pound spent. So a meal costing £9.95 earns 9 Grubs.
4 Grubcard holders are requested to mention their intent to redeem Grubs prior to dining. This ensures the terminal and EPOS used properly record the transactions.
5 Once Grubs are redeemed, the respective number of Grubs are deducted from the holder's balance and cannot be re-used.
6 Holders may choose how to redeem their Grubs based on the current offers and are free to combine offers for greater savings.
7 The holder agrees to us holding personal data and periodically contacting them by email with information on forthcoming promotions.
8  The holder cannot claim Grubs from a meal just paid towards the cost of that same meal, only accrue them towards future meals.
9 The owners of this promotion, Nick and Hazel, have the final decision over how Grubs are earned and redeemed. No other member of staff has discretion over how the promotion is conducted.
10 Grubcards are not transferable and must only be used by the holder to whom the card was issued and registered.
11 The promoters, Nick and Hazel, may choose to alter, withdraw offers or terminate the entire promotion at any time without compensating the holder.
12 Grubs hold no monetary value nor cash alternative and can only be redeemed for the offers published here at the time.
13 Grubs can only be earned on those items listed on the current Flowing Spring menu and dessert board. Crisps, scratchings, peanuts, pepperami and other bar snacks do not qualify.
14 Grubs cannot be earned when booking a private event which includes food catered for by us. Neither can Grubs be earned on our special events where we are offering special event meals, for instance, on Comedy Nights when we may offer slow cookers of food at reduced prices.
15 Grubs cannot be earned on a visit where Grubs are being redeemed.

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Stand-Up Comedy Night, tickets £10 instead of the normal £12


Collect 100 Grubs for a free meal from our Smaller Meals or Desserts Menu
Collect 150 Grubs and you can claim a Main Meal for one when two or more dine in the same sitting
Collect 200 Grubs and you can claim a Starter, Smaller Meal or Dessert for 2 people when 4 or more dine in the same sitting
500 Grubs rewards you with free Starters (Smaller Meals) or Desserts for 2 people PLUS free Main Meals for 2 when 4 or more dine in the same sitting

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